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Sportsmark is proud to supply high-quality Bowling green and maintenance equipment including bowling ditch liners, bowling green markers and a range of other essential items.

Buy Your Bowls Ditch Liners and More From Sportsmark

Bowls is a quintessentially British sport, largely due to the traditions surrounding the game and the manner in which the sport is played. In order to meet the current standards required, Sportsmark is proud to supply high-quality Bowling green and maintenance equipment.

From greenkeepers equipment to ensure a pristine playing surface to greens equipment such as ditch channel units, bowls protection products, access steps, rink markers and gatherers, amongst others, we work tirelessly to ensure that we offer only the very best in bowling green equipment.

Not only will Sportsmark supply your new bowls equipment, but depending on your location we can also install it for you – making sure that your green is unto the current playing standards. To ensure that play can continue all year round, our extensive range of Bowls equipment includes Carpet and Short mat bowls so rain cannot dampen your mood during the winter months.

With happy customers up and down the country, and players ranging from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, all playing with products purchased from Sportsmark’s range, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and can buy in confidence from us.

Established in 1959, Sportsmark have long been supplying new bowling greens and refurbished  greens with ditches and equipment to bring them up to date and comply with the laws of the game.

View our full range of lawn bowls equipment via our website to find exactly what you need today.