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As one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, it is vital that tennis equipment is up to standard. Whether you have the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams at your club, or an enthusiastic bunch of young and old players with a passion for the game, Sportsmark has all the equipment that you need.

The number one priority for any club is to provide a safe environment for everyone to play, which is why investing in the proper court maintenance is important. Grass courts especially will require a lot of maintenance, while hard and clay courts can also become slippery when wet and unmaintained. Sportsmark provide a full maintenance programme to keep courts moss free and safe for play. Speak to one of our team for more details.

Sportsmark is home to a wide range of nets and posts that are designed to last for all seasons, allowing for both singles and doubles games without any issue. Wimbledon may only account for two weeks of the year, but with our range of tennis equipment, your club will see play for a full 52 weeks. We’ve even added the Funtec range so you can now also play on the beach!

Of course, there is no game without any balls – so when it’s time to ask for “new balls, please”, at Sportsmark you can purchase in bulk helping you to save on costs. Our court surrounds will ensure that when an ace is fired in on the court, the ball won’t fly out of sight and will be stopped by lightweight netting.

To view all of this and more, make sure to check out Sportsmark’s range of tennis equipment today.