County Concrete Bowls Ditch Channel.



The ultimate pre-formed reinforced Concrete Bowling Green Ditch Channel System.

Ideal to replace grass banks, rotting railway sleepers, concrete walls or previous outdated concrete ditch channels, these County concrete ditches will guarantee your bowling green is up to standard and up to date for many years to come.

Sportsmark designers produced this forward sloping shape to meet requirements of “the Laws of the game” and address the issues of the “firing game” deflecting the woods down into the ditch and reducing the likelihood of woods returning to the green from the bank.

A solid heavy concrete unit with internal glass fibre reinforcing this ditch unit is designed to provide an exceptionally long trouble free life.

The units are 600mm long and weigh of 53kg each. The purpose made one piece corner unit weighs 75kg. Both should be handled by at least 2 fit people when moving.

The county concrete  ditch channel is a generous 300mm (12ins) wide at the base to give sufficient width for the woods to drop in, but is narrower at the top to allow easy safe access to and from the green.

The top edge is a safe 39mm wide and will allow protective artificial grass ditch protection matting to be fitted without peeling off and continue down the impact or hitting face.

Alternatively bowls bumpers or wooden battens can be fitted to the front face using the pre-drilled locator holes provided in each unit.


Priced per typical green 38.4m x 38.4m  (4 sides x 39m to outside corners) a set comprises of 256 straight & 4 corner pieces.

Alternative sized sets can be priced to suit your requirements £POA

Delivery cost is not included and is priced dependent on location, £POA. Fork lift off load can be included at extra £75+VAT if required.

Ditch dimensions drawing.pdf


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