Hedgehog III Liner suitable for ditches upto 330mm wide


Price includes standard delivery to UK mainland only


Hedgehog III is a new ‘spiked’ rubber ditch liner, available in 1m long mats at 300mm (12 inches) wide and 225mm (9 inches). Each spike is just under 25mm high surrounded by textured surface . These mats can be used in narrower ditches because the flexible nature of this product which allow the edges to curl up the narrower ditches satisfactorily. Alternatively, it can also be trimmed with scissors if desired.

  • They are easy to clean as have a fairly smooth base meaning nothing grows in them
  • They are laid end to end allowing for drainage at the joins.
  • They are light so easy to pop in and out of the ditches
  • They offer a good holding surface for the Jack and Woods when in the ditch
  • Mats are delivered in boxes of 10 mats which we recommend are kept for Winter storage. The boxes have rigid corners meaning they can be stacked up without risk of crushing the spikes.
  • Dimensions for the box holding 300mm wide mats is: 320mm wide x 150mm high x 1020mm long
  • Each 300mm mat weighs approximately 1.5kg (+ /-20%)
  • Dimensions for the box holding 225mm wide mats is :240mm wide x 150mm high x 1020mm long
  • Each 225mm mat weights approximately 1.1kg (+ /-20%)

Price is based on a standard 38.4m square green, ie 156 mats.  Our price includes for carriage to the UK Mainland only, excluding the Scottish Highlands and the British Isles.

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver to Northern Ireland and the EU.


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