FUNTEC -Pro Beach Competition Volleyball Posts Socket and Accessories bundle (Switch multisport option)


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Beach volleyball has attracted many new fans as a fun and engaging game suitable for all ages. However, this is a game that simply wouldn’t be the same without the right equipment.

With socketed Pro Beach Volleyball posts, that is exactly what you are getting.

Available with a range of alternative ground fixings and sockets to allow permanent,(Bolt down socket) or semi-permanent /short-term installation. (City Beach sockets)

These unique heavy-duty aluminium posts are widely regarded as the best on the market and are used by national volleyball bodies (Volleyball England, Scotland and Ireland among others) universities and clubs throughout the world.

They are easily adjustable for height even when the net is  tensioned meaning they can accommodate men’s, ladies and junior games or account for changes in the sand levels at the simple turn of a knob.

This is the option for “switch system sockets” which means  the posts can be quickly and easily erected and removed leaving no visible socket above the sand making the sand area available for another uses or sports to be playing in the same space within a few minutes. This makes them ideal for multi sport beach sports centres.

The standard city beach and bolt down sockets still allow the posts to be removed for storage but the ground socket will remain in place protruding from the sand so it cant be used for other events.

With easy to assemble durable parts, and a full list of spares to service them for life, Pro Beach Volleyball posts are perfect for universities schools and sports clubs and are guaranteed to provide years of fun.

With the  City Beach T-base ground sockets system the posts can be moved as required with only a few hours removal and re-installation of the sockets required making them ideal for events or for use on areas where the sand levels may change.

We don’t how ever recommend Pro-beach posts for unsupervised public areas where they will be left unattended (i.e. beaches), for this use we recommend the “Funtec Beach Basic “post range which comes with many of the same features but are more resistant to vandalism and theft.

Probeach posts are not recommended for Beach Tennis use please refer to Beach Champ or Beach basic posts for this use.,

Please contact us today if you need any assistance in specifying this item. We can provide expert information on all products and services we offer.

Package Contents

  • 1) 2 x Probeach posts with 2 x Switch system city beach T base plates with sand covers etc and 2 x in ground dead men sets.1 x Probeach plus 8.5m net, 1 x set Post pads 1 x set 2       piece Antennae, 1 set Probeach court lines with sand anchors.
  • 2) 2 x Probeach posts with 2 x Switch system bolt down plates with sand covers etc  and 8 x Anchor Bolts.1 x Probeach plus 8.5m net, 1 x set Post pads 1 x set 2 piece Antennae, 1       set Probeach court lines with sand anchors.

Installation process

City Beach T Base:

Installation Process shown in image

Bolt Down Base:

Bolt down base installation

Additional information

socket options

Switch System CiTy beach sockets, Switch System Bolt Down sockets


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