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Netball is one of the fastest growing sports in England, with more women and even some men taking up the game as each year passes by. This has seen a rise in the demand for courts, which means that the supply and demand for equipment are at an all-time high.

Investing in Sportsmark’s range of netball equipment will help to keep your courts in top condition, regardless of how much vigorous activity the court sees.

As is the case with most courts, they are based in multi-purpose gym halls which may also be used for other sports such as basketball, badminton and others. This means that free-standing netball posts are ideal as they can be wheeled on and off quickly and easily as and when required, causing no damage to the gym floor. We do also provide socketed netball posts for those that prefer them.

If your gym does not include markings for netball, or you wish to set up more than one court, Sportsmark can provide a full line painting service for all types of indoor and outdoor areas.

View our entire range of netball equipment from Sportsmark, helping you to continue the growth of netball and keep your facility in tip-top condition.