Sports Markings Services Throughout London and the South East England

Sportsmark have been installing and placing sports court markings for over 50 years. Whether it is an indoor sports hall or outdoor tennis courts or netball pitches, we have experienced people ready to do the job. We extend our sports court marking services throughout London and the South East England area.

Lines for the Long Term


Over the longer term, professionally painted lines and court markings tend to be significantly more reliable and resilient, at a lower cost. At Sportsmark, we make use of one or two-part polyurethane paint that, typically, has a lifespan of around 5 to 7 years between repainting. This is significantly better than the 3 to 5-year lifespan of water-based paint.

We Mark All Surfaces


At Sportsmark, we apply sports markings to most surfaces including porous and non porous asphalt, concrete, tiles, wood, rubber, polymerics, artificial grass and more. We assure quality, attractive and highly resilient markings for a range of sports, including football, netball, basketball, badminton, tennis, hockey and more.

We Paint Within the Lines


At Sportsmark, we are conscious of and strictly adhere to all Sport England guidelines regarding sports court/pitch dimensions. Sports floors must be line marked to exacting standards, with line widths +/-2mm and overall dimensions within 0.1% of the national guidelines. Failing to adhere to those standards could result in your venue or sports hall being unable to host future events, so it is of real importance to secure a sports court markings provider that complies closely, as Sportsmark does.

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