Fixed aluminium 9 v 9 freestanding goals 4.88m x 2.13m (16ft x 7ft)

£ 954.00 each

Goalposts manufactured from 80mm OD x 3mm thick reinforced aluminium. Heavy duty internal and external laser cut solid steel L-shaped fittings, ensure a long lasting and precision mitred crossbar / upright corner joint. For the internal fittings the L-shaped plates have reinforcement pins for additional strength. 32mm OD x 1.6mm thick galvanised steel net supports. Lock nuts, bolts, washers, internal and external L-shaped fittings are zinc plated for long life. Goalposts, net supports, backbars and fittings (excluding nuts & bolts) are all powder coated white. Complete with safety net hooks and a pair of 4.5mm white knotted net.