Road Marking Services throughout England and Wales

Sportsmark has over 50 years of experience marking car parks and roads in both hot applied thermoplastic and dedicated road marking paint. We extend our road marking services throughout England and Wales.

What We Do


At Sportsmark, we provide a broad range of road marking services, including the following:

  • Car park lining of all sizes, both new or renovation work
  • Industrial and warehouse internal line markings and graphics
  • Painting and installing specific graphics or markings, e.g. parent and child bays, disabled markings
  • Anti-skid surface installation
  • Road studding (i.e. cat’s eyes)
  • Civil and re-surfacing projects: drainage, potholes, signage, etc.
  • White and yellow lining
  • High friction surfacing
  • Coloured lining
  • Resin bound stone paving
  • Pre-formed markings
  • Line removal
  • Road markings

Our Road Marking Service Team


Our experienced, qualified and fully insured road marking teams perform all our road marking services with reliability and precision – we understand the need for jobs to be implemented with speed, efficiency and minimal disruption to your everyday routine and offering. All our marking crews are highly experienced, well-trained and thoroughly professional. This enables us to ensure all our services are delivered in a timely manner and to our clients’ exact specifications.

Disabled parking bays
White and yellow lining

Our Materials


At Sportsmark, we make extensive use of thermoplastic, one of the most resilient and common materials for line markings. Thermoplastic fully complies with British standards for performance requirements. We also make use of materials like epoxy, acrylic, chlorinated rubber paint and MMA paint.

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