Sarel Spiking Rollers

£450.00 Excl VAT


For speedy aeration of larger greens, bowls, cricket squares and tennis courts.

Aids water/air penetration, greatly improves root growth, for use when seeding and general turf maintenance.  Each large spike section is 11″ diameter, calculated to avoid ‘tearing’ of the turf.  The tensile steel spikes are 1/4″ in diameter, and 1 1/3″ in length.  Each spike is replaceable, held on with a nylock nut.  Also coupled to each unit is a 4 1/2″ diameter roller for transportation across hard surfaces and for use as a ground rolling tool.

900mm (36”) wide with 189 spikes – 80kgs

600mm (24”) wide with 126 spikes- 54kgs

300mm (12”) wide with 63 spikes – 30kgs

These rollers are delivered on a pallet.  Carriage of £60.00 plus VAT will be added when invoiced although these prices do tend to fluctuate so could change.


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