Roadmarking Paint & Thinners



Solvent Based Line Marking Acrylic Paint is a single pack Toluene & Xylene free road line coating with low V.O.C’s

This equates to this product being both kinder to the applicator and the environment in comparison to established products such as Chlorinated Rubber and Epoxy Line Marking Paints.


A quick drying, durable and high build paint used typically for the delineation of car parks, distribution centres and airports etc.

Theoretical Coverage

Up to 410 linear metres @ 100mm width line per 25kg (approx 16.5ltrs)

up to 98 linear metres @ 100mm width line per 6kg (approx 4 ltrs)

Drying Time at 20ºC

Touch Dry In 25 minutes at 700 microns

(will vary with temperature)

Surface Preparation

Ensure that surface to be coated is dry and free from oil, dust, road salts and other contaminants before application.

Please read data sheets carefully prior to application

Carriage has been excluded as it depends on quantity ordered but will be discussed and invoiced accordingly.


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