Mobile Cricket Covers


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Bearing in mind that most clubs only have one grounds person (or none at all), it is imperative that the individual sections of the mobile cricket covers are easily manoeuvrable. Our prices are extremely competitive and the lead time from order is reasonably short.

All of our mobile units come with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee and a 10 year structural warranty. Guarantee / Warranty excludes mis-use, vandalism and fair wear and tear.

3 Mobile wicket covers:- Each @ 7.3m x 3.9m (21.9m in all) or 8m x 4m (24m in all)

Puncture Proof Wheels- 6 Fixed and 6 Swivel

Hose- 75m ‰x 19mm Diameter

Available in red, white, blue, green or purple and the 24m one is available with 2 x County side and bowlers run up sheets and accessories to attach.


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