GreensIRON6200 roller for Bowls & Tennis




Quickly and easily roll your green or courts to obtain a fast, consistent playing surface without causing deep compaction.

The greensIRON 6200 Lawn Bowling Greens and Tennis Court Roller is based on the greensIRON 3900 used extensively on golf courses through the world, but with a longer roller to flatten the bumps and cover the ground quicker it is the only bowling green specific ride on roller available.

Using the greensIRON 6200 to roll your greens or courts will make them smoother and faster. The greensIRON 6200 improves the turf surface exponentially by allowing the grass to be cut slightly longer, without reducing the speed and creating a consistent green speed from rink to rink.


ROLLERS. Drive roller 62″ long x 6.75″ diameter Super Turf Trac coated and tapered at each end to prevent ridging. Two 62″ long  x 4.5″ diameter tapered galvanized steering rollers.

MOTOR. Honda GX160 5.5 hp engine, mounted on anti-vibration dampers to ensure low vibration. Oil drain hose installed at factory for ease of servicing.

TRANSMISSION. Hydro-Gear 10 cc piston pump and hydraulic motor for easy smooth operation.

SPEED. Recommended rolling speed of 5 – 7 mph.( will quickly and effortlessly  roll a bowling green in approx. 15minutes)

WEIGHT. 500 lbs (228 kg) – 2.78 psi.

TROLLEY. this is standard with the 6200. Steel tube construction, coated to prevent rust, easy loading and unloading for transportation of the roller from shed to green within the green and onto a low trailer for movement from green to green if required ( trolley width is 1250mm wide x 1800mm long)


Reduces mowing frequency which increases the life of your mower’s blades and bed knives.Reduces recovery time and brings greens into play following top dressing and aeration. Removes morning dew quickly and effectively for a faster pace. Establishes tournament paced greens without having to lower the mower cutting height or increasing cutting frequency. Provides a consistent roll for bowls, on each green.

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