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Beach Basic posts are built of sturdy galvanised steel making them ideal for permanent or semi permanent recreational facilities or beaches. After London 2012 when Volleyball England wanted a durable post system for installation on beaches and beach centres throughout the country, we are proud that it was the beach basic post system they chose!

Despite their competitive price Beach basic posts feature unique height adjustment plus durable and effective net tensioning as standard making them ideal for all levels of volleyball play. They are also suitable for beach tennis in conjunction with the optional beach tennis net.

The post /net height is easily and quickly adjusted in 6cm increments using a simple twist knob on each post to account for different levels of play and shifting sand sand levels on beaches.

The tension of the net is adjusted with a screw tensioner and pulley system which can be easily and cheaply replaced or repaired.

The post section is 91 x 91 mm and is compatible with all our Beach socket systems of similar size there by allowing permanent, easy removal or multisports use (Switch System) depending on your requirements. (see related products for details)

The Beach Basic net posts offers a perfect combination of price, reliability,flexibility, robustness and user-friendly operation.

The set includes two height adjustable posts, and accessories for the installation and tensioning of the net. 

Available in standard Galvanised steel finish or with yellow powder coating finish at extra cost of £261.80.

Notes:  To protect against theft, the above ground post can be connected to the below ground socket to prevent removal without tools.  Nets can also be locked to the posts to prevent removal.

(Ground sockets, bolts, below sand timber sets and nets need to be ordered by selecting the related products.)


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