Dry Line Marker

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NEW Dry Liner Marker for those that like a chalk line.
Product Details
695 Dry line marker is ideal for lining baseball infields, athletic fields, running tracks and cross country courses. This medium-duty machine has a welded steel structure for durability.
25lb hopper capacity.

Working Mechanism
Turn the powder gate lever to the OFF position.
Fill the hopper with dry line marking material.
Place the Dry Line Marker over the desired line.
Select the line width by moving the powder gate lever to the 2 or 4-inch configuration.

695 Dry liner marker has galvanised steel containers to avoid rusting.
It has a loop handle with a cushioned grip for operator comfort.
This dry line marking machine has a six-blade paddle to allow consistency, even after long working hours.

Product Benefits
Rugged Construction – Dual welded structural steel handles and chassis.
Galvanized steel material containers to prevent rusting.
1/2 inch axles and drive shafts for strength.
Don’t be fooled by the cheap, offshore copies.
Easy to use – Precision control for 2 inch or 4 inch lines.
Oversized foam rubber hand grips for increased operator comfort.
Efficient Design – 8” semi pneumatic wheels provide straighter lines.
Oversized foam rubber hand grips for increased operator comfort.
Made and assembled in the USA.
TAA compliant.

Price includes for delivery to the UK mainland excluding the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland & British Isles where supplements will be payable. All import duty taxes have been covered.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to assemble this dry line marker?
Loosen the wing knobs on the handle assembly, unfold it and then re-tighten the wing knobs.
Install the kickstand at the back and the front wheel at the front of the Dry Line Marker’s bucket with bolts, washers and lock nuts.
Insert the control rod in the lever on the handle from the inside.
Place the flat washer on the bottom end of the rod.
Insert the rod end in the hole of the powder gate arm and secure it with a hairpin clip.

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