Demarcation Studs 50mm Diameter


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These demarcation studs are used to delineate walkways, parking bays and paved cafés amongst other uses.

These studs have a  50mm diameter domed head stud with 6mm high flat area measuring 27mm in diameter.  The shank is 30mm long.

Prices are per stud carriage paid to the UK mainland excluding the Scottish Highlands and British Isles and the minimum order quantity is 5. Unfortunately we cannot deliver to Northern Ireland or the EU.

The Need for Demarcation Studs

If your facility is responsible for pavements and or car parking, then you have an obligation to ensure that these areas can be used safely by all members of the public. Should there be an incident that occurs on your facility that could potentially have been avoided with the presence of demarcation studs, it is your facility that could be held accountable.

How to Install Demarcation Studs

Drill a hole of 10-12mm diameter to a depth of 35mm then clear the dust away from the interior of the hole and surface to be covered by the head of the marker. Apply a small quantity of 2-pack epoxy adhesive into the hole and the surface area immediately around the hole. Press the stud firmly into the hole until it is flush with the surface. Finally, remove any excess adhesive.


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