County GRC Ditch Channel



The Ultimate Ditch channel system, where weight and ease of install is a concern.

Made in B.S. Glass Reinforced Cement, the 1.2m (4ft) long straight units require fewer units per side and are lighter and easier to install than standard concrete ditch units. Both the straights and the corner units utilise an interlocking OGEE – M&F joint adding stiffness and stability to the structure. Strengthened buttresses at the rear add strength and aid the positive fixing process. Weight of a straight unit is 42kg. The ditch channel is 300mm (12ins) wide inside at the base but much narrower at the top making access to the green easier. The top edge is 70mm wide providing a safe edge to tread on. When installed correctly the ditch will provide a height above the green of approx. 260mm, well in excess of the minimum 225mm required by the rules of the game and providing for many years of topdressing etc.  Carriage costs, which include a forklift offload will be added to price of the ditches.

Priced per standard green 38.4m x 38.4m ie (4 sides x 39m to outside corners) 156m total including 4 corners. Alternative sizes and smaller quantities can be  supplied please ask for a quotation.

Additional rear face bowls protection and a ditch liner to the base is required and has not been included in this price ( see options Below)


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