BUNDLE of Rink Markers & Dividers




NEW:  Sportsmark have created a bundle of rink markers, rink dividers 25m and 2m distance markers.  Available in 3 bracket designs:  The 90mm and 55mm bracket with a small lip return that fit snuggly over our range of ‘County’ concrete ditch units whilst the ‘Universal’ has an ‘L’ shaped bracket that has a return of 90mm, with a hole 70mm from the return for pegging into place.  The discs are manufactured to 100mm diameter meaning they are large enough to make them easily visible from the end of the green.

The bundle comprises:

White with black text:

2 x sets of  Markers numbered 1-7 ;

Red with white text:

4 number 25’s; 4 x number 2’s

Plain white:

Plus 16 x white rink dividers

Price includes carriage within mainland UK excluding the Scottish highlands, NI and the British Isles where a supplement may be incurred.

Additional information

Hanging Bracket

County with 55mm return, County with 90mm return, Universal 90mm L shaped


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