Ballistic ball washing liquid concentrate

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Ball Shine – Ballwasher Liquid Concentrate 10 litres The complete Ballwasher additive provides a perfect clean finish helps protect against corrosion and prolong the life of your ballwasher. Contains harmless antifreeze to protect the ballwasher against winter freezing. Concentrated ballwasher will not freeze in temperatures as low as -15c. Completely safe to use Ballistic is an extremely safe ballwasher detergent and anti-freeze. Ballistic contains a corrosion inhibitor to prolong the life of ballwashers. Directions for use: Determine the volume of the solution required to fill the ballwasher, then use the appropriate dilution rate (see below). Mix the solution and add to the ballwasher. Spring & Summer: 1 part Ballistic to 5 parts water Winter Conditions As the temperatures drop, the concentration of Ballistic has to be increased to guard against freezing Down to -5c 2 parts Ballistic to 3 parts water Down to -10c 1 part Ballistic to 1 part water Down to -15c Use undiluted


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