County Concrete Ditch Channel 300mm wide

£ 8,160.00 each

Sportsmark designers produced this shape from the parameters that the "Laws" and the "firing game" have imposed. A solid concrete unit with internal glass fibfre reinforcment. The units are 600mm long with a weight of 53kg each. The preformed concrete corner unit is 75kg. The top edge is 39mm wide and will allow protective material to be fitted and continue down the return (impact) face. The ditch channel is 300mm (12ins) wide. Bowls bumper or wooden battens can be fitted to this or the County GRC using the pre-drilled locator holes provided in each unit. (priced per green 38.4m sq) 4 sides x 39m to outside corners) consisting of 256 straight & 4 corner unit pieces.