Groundsman's Rakes

Rakes are necessary for collecting leaf litter, grass clippings and other debris from grounds for easy disposal. Our rakes are manufactured from tough materials ensuring they are durable, long-lasting and cost-effective. We have a selection of rakes available for groundsmen and site managers, from bunker rakes, maintenance rakes and rakes for general purpose.

Our bunker rakes are perfect for applying finishing touches to golf course bunkers or sand traps and are available in black, green and white. The design ensures smooth collection of debris with a clean release.

Maintenance rakes are available with a large fan for greater collection of fallen leaves and other natural debris. Spaced, plastic tines are less likely to churn up the soil and cause damage to grounds or pitches.

Wooden general-purpose rakes can be used for collecting debris from grass surfaces and their sturdy design makes it ideal for loosening soil or compacted dirt. Wooden rakes require slightly more care with regular oiling to prevent splintering due to wood drying out.

All rakes should be carefully maintained to ensure the longest life possible, oiling metals can prevent rust and storage in dry areas to prevent rotting of wooden handles. Tines should be cleaned of all dirt and debris prior to storage.

Bunker Rakes