Spray Markers

Used for marking high visibility, clean lines on a huge range of surfaces from hard to soft, Spray Markers are a choice piece of equipment for groundsmen and site managers. Available in mechanical and battery-operated models, we have a comprehensive selection of high-quality spray marking machines suitable for marking sports pitches, ball grounds and multi-use games areas.

For use on grass, hard or artificial sports-grounds, having a spray marker on-site ensures your pitch is always clearly marked and necessary touch-ups can be made.

We offer spray marking machines from brands such as Spraymark, Titan and Mini iGo, to suit a range of budgets. We also stock all the accessories necessary to facilitate the line-marking process.  Choose from a selection of products, from line winders and line-marking kits to measuring tapes – enclosed or open-frame.

Additionally, we stock Grassline Ultra Line Marking Paint for use in some of our spray marking machines; available in white, red, blue or yellow, in bottles of 10 litres. We also have stock of iGo Impact Sport Paint, available in five-litre bottles.  Solvent-based acrylic paints are available in white, yellow, red, black, green or blue for hard surface markings, along with thinners for cleaning the rollers and machine afterwards.

At Sportsmark, we supply only the best quality equipment to ensure your pitch looks and functions at its finest from set-up to maintenance. Our sales team are available should you require further information on our range of spray marking machines.