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Quality Groundsman’s
Equipment Supplied Across the UK

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A Wide Range of Groundsman Supplies


Maintaining your grounds will keep them clean, tidy and safe for all users throughout the seasons. At Sportsmark, we stock a broad variety of green keeping equipment to make the job even easier including sarel rollers that will care for your turf by encouraging proper irrigation to produce further new growth.

Level up your groundsman services with the following products and services:

  • Bootwipers
  • Standard dimension and running track charts
  • Grass marking paint
  • Transfer wheel markers
  • Spray markers
  • Tapes and setting out equipment
  • Aerosol marking grass
  • Moss and algae treatment
  • Golf course products
  • Course furniture
  • Signage
  • Turf care
  • Rakes
  • Driving range products
  • General tools
  • Artificial grass maintenance equipment

Great Value Ground Equipment


If you are responsible for ensuring that the playing surface at your club or venue remains in pristine condition, you require nothing but the best groundsman’s equipment on the market. At Sportsmark, we offer great value for money with groundsman equipment suitable for every environment. Our products are designed for long-term use so you can keep your site in the best condition possible.

Whatever sport(s) your venue encompasses, the strain of constant use will inevitably be visible on even the best-maintained surfaces.

Sportsmark offer equipment, combined with our expert know-how, that will ensure your sports club can proudly show off a football pitch to rival the hallowed Wembley turf, a cricket pitch that wouldn’t look out of place at Lord’s or tennis courts that the All England Club would be proud of.

If after searching through our wide range of products you are unable to find what you are looking for then do not hesitate to get in contact with us. At Sportsmark, we pride ourselves on providing friendly and expert advice to all of our customers.

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