Artificial Grass Play Areas

Play areas are essential for getting kids out of the house and exploring the great outdoors while allowing them to have a blast. They are spaces for children to get active and involved, burning off some of that endless energy and simply doing what kids do best – having fun!

However, it is important for play areas to meet strict health and safety standards and to ensure that they comply with the very latest rules and regulations. The last thing that you want is for an accident to happen – without only the best quality equipment, things could have the potential to be a lot worse.

When you are considering a new project, it is important to take the end user into consideration throughout the planning, design and building process. This is why institutions and organisations like schools and councils prefer to outsource these projects to fully-qualified, experienced professionals, enabling the job to be completed without room for error.

Whether it is a MUGA (multi use games area); playground or fitness area, wholesale products allow contractors to purchase the best quality components at highly competitive prices. Here at Sportsmark, we make it our goal to deliver top-of-the-range products and equipment with our specialist service tailored to suit the needs of contractors.

We can supply a wide range of play equipment for MUGA’s  (multi use games areas) including football, basketball and tennis posts etc.; playground equipment; fitness equipment which is extremely popular at the moment. Whether wholesale or as an individual, we can help you to easily locate the precise products that you need and we offer a full playground and line marking service to complete your current project. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, you can guarantee high quality when you buy directly from Sportsmark.