Senior Extended Scorebox Cedar

£ 7,352.10 each

This attractive manually operated scorebex is clad in cedar matchboarding. The scorefascia is made from smooth exterior fibreboard painted matt black externally and white gloss internally with quality cast white vinyl lettering. The hatch opens outwards to form an awning and inwards for a scorer's desk. All digits are telegraph numbers as standard and are operated from inside the box. The mono-pitch roof is covered with flowcoat fibreglass and the floor is strong timber. Timber security shutters cover the numbers when not in use.

Senior - show batsmen's numbers and scores, total, wkts, last man, overs and home/visitors.

Dims: 2.74m high at front,2.44m at rear x 2.9m long x 1.73m deep with one-scorer offset hatch.

Senior extended: As senior but 3.36m long allowing for two-scorer hatch either central or offset.

Price includes for delivery and erection within 140 miles of Leicester.  For further delivery addresses, please ask.

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