Founded in 1959


Sportsmark was originally founded in 1959 by Derek and Jane Lloyd. We started marking playing fields in the Greater London area, as there was a shortage of groundsmen after the war. This quickly led in 2 directions. The first was to start supplying goals and nets to these playing fields. The second was to move into hard surface marking for netball courts on tarmac and similar.

A History of Innovation


In the late ’60s, Sportsmark developed the all-in-one ditch and bank unit for bowling greens. With changes in the laws of bowls in the late 1980s, Sportsmark took advantage of the wording to produce the ‘County’ generation of ditch and bank units. These feature the ‘angled return face’ which directs the bowl into the ditch and has become the standard for discerning greens around the world. Each winter we install ‘County’ concrete ditches to several bowling greens requiring refurbishment. Today we are the premier supplier of equipment to flat bowling greens, offering a range of ditch liners, bank grass, ramps, steps, ditch and rink markers, and scorers.

Over Half a Century of Sports and Line Marking Experience


Today, the two main strands in our business remain sports ground line marking and the supply and installation of sports equipment. We now mark sports courts on vinyl, wood, tarmac and concrete, and have also moved into car park and road marking. We also supply equipment to just about every sport known to man. To complement this, we also carry a large range of line marking machines and groundsman’s equipment. We supply site safety equipment, largely geared towards car parks – road, demarcation and anti-skateboard studs; sleeping policemen, pre-formed thermoplastic, hazard markers, and grit and litter bins.

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